Commercial & Business Litigation

Ricketts Case litigators have comprehensive experience in representing businesses, large and small, in complex litigation matters.


We have a wide array of experience and expertise in multiple facets of commercial and business litigation, including, among others, antitrust; false advertising; breach of contract, non-compete, and anti-solicitation agreements; unfair competition and other unfair business practices; wage and hour and other employment-related issues; director and officer liability; fraud; trade secrets; racketeering; securities laws violations; breach of warranty, product liability, consumer privacy, and other consumer issues; receiverships; internet disputes and e-commerce disputes; and partnership, shareholder, limited liability company, and business valuation disputes. Our attorneys practice in numerous state and federal courts and in arbitration. While each case is different, we excel in collaborating with our clients at the outset to achieve the best results with consideration of our clients’ budgetary and business objectives.