Employment Counseling & Litigation

Providing employers with day-to-day compliance counseling and effective resolutions to workplace disputes.


We offer our clients comprehensive employment counseling on all aspects of the employment life cycle, including employee hiring, retention, promotion, discipline, and separation, and we assist our clients in developing sound employment policies, publications, and handbooks. Our clients have found this assistance to be invaluable because nuanced and evolving state and federal employment laws and the court decisions interpreting them force employers to navigate a gauntlet of ever-changing employment obligations, risks, and traps for the unwary. Our employment attorneys possess a deep knowledge of existing laws and best practices and stay abreast of any changes that may affect our clients. We mitigate our clients’ risks by advising them on sound employment practices and policies that protect them before any issues arise and we provide tailored and practical advice on particular employment decisions and situations that do arise. We have assisted numerous clients in avoiding or mitigating employment disputes that otherwise would almost certainly have resulted in protracted and costly litigation.

Where employment disputes do lead to litigation, we effectively and efficiently represent our clients through the legal proceedings. Because of our expertise in the substantive and procedural aspects of employment law, we are often able to obtain excellent results through pretrial motions that result in the dismissal of claims or sometimes entire cases. Our attorneys have extensive experience in defending and/or prosecuting cases that do reach trial, arbitration, or an administrative forum. We work closely with our clients at the outset of the case to develop a plan and strategy for the effective and efficient handling of the matter and strive to deliver excellent results at reasonable rates.